RBF DMAT is focused on electrical equipment and automation (hardware and software) for plants of Metals, Rubber and Plastic field.

For all of them RBF DMAT can design, manufacture and supply in full or separately the following parts:

Level 0 automation = AC/DC motors (special sensors/actuators)
Level 1 automation = AC/DC converters, PLC, µP system, HMI SCADA, data logging
Level 2 automation = PC and data base system for plant production management

Each automation level is designed using standard products as Siemens, ABB, GE, Rockwell that you could easily recovered in the market. The design of the systems, the applicative software for PLC, µP system and HMI computers are realized independently and completely by RBF DMAT technicians.

RBF DMAT supplies all the management and quality controls for the right execution of the projects.

The quality management system of DMAT is in compliance with the standard ISO 9001:2015

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